NMT Success Story: Relief of Migraine Headaches in Nine Year Old Boy

May 24th, 2009 | Posted by Fred Bloem, MD in NeuroModulation Technique - (Comments Off on NMT Success Story: Relief of Migraine Headaches in Nine Year Old Boy)

Here is an impressive testimonial that the mother of a patient sent to Dr. John Kane, DC, a NeuroModulation Technique practitioner in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

“To see your 9 year old suffering from migraines is horrible, but to see it since the age of 2 was unbearable.  My son had food allergies along with seasonal allergies causing these “headaches”, and he was taking daily medication (a total of 5 doses a day) to keep this at bay.  Even with the daily meds, if he ingested too much dairy/soy he would begin to have bowel problems.  At age 7 he went through a series of GI, MRI, CAT Scan and even Neuro-Ophthalmology tests.  I was told that there was no cure for his issues, only a lifelong regimen of pills.  For 2 years I accepted this, until the allergies in his eyes became so severe that he could not hold a conversation without his eyes rolling into his head and his entire head jerking.  The Ophthalmologist told me I had reached the last step in eye drops which was steroids.  My son would now have to go visit the doctor 2 times a week to check his eye pressure from these drops and have glaucoma screening monthly.  I did not like this option for my son and started asking everyone I knew about alternatives.

I then learned about NMT.  I contacted Dr. Kane and set up an appointment.
By his 3rd visit, my sons allergies went away along with the eye rolling and head jerking.  Since undergoing a full course of NMT with Dr. Kane my son is a healthy 9 year old who can eat at friends houses without me providing any “special” food, he can go to school without having an “attack” in the bathroom and he can enjoy himself in every situation.  He is no longer embarrassed that he could not control his head or eyes.  He can be a “normal” 9 year old.  I often worried about the future damage the medications would have on my son, and I do still worry because he was on them for so long;  however, now he is taking NOTHING!  No eye drops, no antihistamines, no decongestants, no digestive pills and no inhalers-NOTHING.  Thanks to Dr. Kane and NMT for giving my son what he has always deserved- a normal and drug free childhood. ”
Staten Island New York
John Kane, DC
495 Watchung Ave.
Bloomfield, NJ 07003