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What is Aging Gracefully?

Aging gracefully extends the concept of preventative health care to embrace the very early detection, prevention, and reversal of aging-related diseases, coupled with the aggressive yet gentle disease treatment.

Whereas, traditional medicine focuses on treating the effects of the aging process and treats external symptoms which have internal causes, Aging gracefully focuses on treating or preventing the causes of aging and works to change the process of aging itself.  One of the first steps in the aging gracefully protocol is correcting unhealthy lifestyles that leads to many of the degenerative conditions associated with aging.  Diet, exercise and stress reduction are important topics discussed in consultation with the doctor that leads to individualized treatment plans for each patient.


Today a Baby Boomer, (someone born between 1946-1964) turns 50 years old every thirty seconds.  This population group now has an average life span of 80 years old and with medical knowledge doubling every 3.5 years or less, the average life span is expected to be 120-150 years  by 2050.  The average Baby Boomer is not ready to stop living and feeling they have better things to do than getting old.  They feel that age is irrelevant and it is their ability to pursue their goals what really matters.  Rather than suffer many of the effects of getting older they are trying to slow down and prevent many age related conditions.


Dr. Fred Bloem is dedicated to helping his patients improve their health and correct, slow down and prevent many age related conditions and achieve their goals. The most common Anti-Aging health problems that are presented include fatigue, poor sleep, low sex drive, thyroid problems, weight problems, memory problems, male hormones (andropause), female hormones (PMS and menopause),  low immune system, insulin resistance (Type II diabetes), digestive problems and chronic pain. To learn more about andropause in men and menopause in women and how bio-identical hormone replacement can help visit our section on bioidentical hormone replacement for men and women.


Each patient has a detailed, private consultation with Dr. Bloem to discuss their individual condition.  Individualized, advanced lab testing and evaluation is then performed and once these results are obtained, a specialized treatment plan is presented to the patient that addresses each patient’s unique health care problems. Dr. Bloem has developed a holistic approach that has proven successful in supporting healthy hormonal balance:

Individualized, Medical-grade nutritional supplements to ensure your body has the rich nutrients it needs to make and balance its hormones.

Customized bio-identical hormone support to help your body maintain the right balance of hormones and healthy endocrine function.

Dietary changes to satisfy your body’s real requirements. Most so-called healthy diets actually sabotage your body.

Lifestyle changes to help your body deal with the demands you place on it.

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