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Meet Dr Bloem

Thank you for visiting my website. I am Dr. Fred Bloem and I have a holistic and integrative medical practice in Kensington, Montgomery County, Maryland. My office is very close to the Capital Beltway Connecticut Ave Exit 33 off I-495 and easily accessible for anyone in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area.

About My Work

Discover optimal well-being at Internal Healing and Wellness MD. As a board-certified specialist in functional medicine, I'm dedicated to your health.

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Uncover health solutions with our Functional Medicine approach. Personalized plans for your optimal well-being.

About Dr Bloem

My healthcare journey started in my late teens when I decided to apply to medical school because I wanted to help patients with their health concerns. After graduating from medical school in Leiden, the Netherlands, I applied for internship and residency training in the United States. After an internal medicine internship, one year of anesthesiology residency, and two years of family practice residency, I started practicing primary care medicine in Maryland.

After practicing as a conventional, allopathic physician for several years, it became clear to me that Western medicine as it is being taught and practiced by most physicians today has significant limitations. One of the main concerns that I had was that many of the conventional medical treatments do not address the underlying causes of a patient’s illness. I recognized that many common diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, and others had a correlation with obesity. However, like most physicians, I felt unprepared to help my patients lose weight.

Expertise of Dr Bloem

Postgraduate training in bariatric medicine, bio-identical hormone therapies, nutritional medicine, training bio-oxidative therapies, intravenous therapies, injection therapies, and numerous other courses has made it possible for me to help my patients more effectively, more quickly, and with safer treatment methods and protocols

For more than twenty years I have considered myself a holistic and integrative physician. During this time, I have developed experience in helping patients with complex health concerns, including those with chronic Lyme disease and coinfections and cancer.

Besides helping patients with challenging health conditions, I also help patients with less serious chronic health conditions. Many patients come to my practice after having consulted with many other physicians or health practitioners. Others simply want a physician who will truly listen and who will understand what their needs are. Whatever led you here, you came to the right place. Because of my background in internal medicine and family medicine, I am comfortable treating adult men, women, and children with a wide variety of health concerns.

I look forward to meeting you!

Fred Bloem, M.D.

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Looking for a Functional Medicine specialist in The Washington, DC? Dr. Fred Bloem is here to guide you towards transformative steps for your health and wellness objectives. Contact us for any queries about our services and discover how we can support your wellness journey.

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