Do hormones cause cancer?

No, hormones do not cause cancer. Why would the human body produce messenger chemicals that are self destructive. Hormones are essential to life. Without them the body is not able to function optimally. Dr. Bloem prescribes bioidentical hormones to his patients. The term bioidentical indicates that these hormones are exactly the same as the ones that the human body makes. When these hormones are dosed properly and therapy is monitored closely they are both safe and effective.

There are many other drugs or chemicals that doctors prescribe that have been linked to cancer. They include non-bioidentical chemicals such as so called progestins (e.g., medroxyprogesterone, norithendrone, and many others).

There are studies that have indicated that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may reduce the risk of cancer. However, we cannot guarantee that patients will not develop cancer while on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy because there are many potential contributing factors. These include a lifelong history of hormone imbalances, prior oral contraceptive use, exposure to environmental and occupational toxins, etc.