NeuroModulation Technique


NMT: The Feinberg Technique is a comprehensive system of energetic medicine that was developed by Dr. Leslie S. Feinberg of Hermiston, Oregon, and first taught in 2002. It is based on his nearly three decades years of study of the many types of energetic medicine. I decided to learn NMT because I was looking for a better way to help my patients with their health concerns. NMT is best described as a method of identifying and correcting the “errors of information” that exist in the body’s Autonomic Control System, the body’s internal control center.

In a way, we can compare our bodies to very sophisticated bio-computers, that when confused or informationally corrupted will malfunction. When a computer acts up, possible explanations are incompatible or outdated software applications, and infection with viruses, worms, or spyware. Usually there is no need to discard that computer. The first step to troubleshooting computer problems is to do some diagnostics with an anti-virus or anti-spyware program, or other software. We may need to remove these incompatible, outdated, or malicious applications, increase the amount of RAM, or defragment the hard drive. In the worst case scenario, we may need to reinstall the computer’s operating system. The end result of these interventions is that we will have a computer that runs like new again.

The same principles apply to our bodies. When we have a health concern with physical or emotional manifestations, there is usually an underlying problem that can be defined as some form of confusion or data corruption within the body’s Autonomic Control System. While there are many different ways to treat physical or emotional illness, I have found that NMT is a very safe and effective way to restore a person’s physical, psychological, emotional, or mental wellbeing.

Many of the patients who consult with me have taken pharmaceutical drugs or are considering surgical treatment options. When they are taking pharmaceuticals, they usually contact me because they are 1) experiencing side effects, 2) not getting better, 3) or because they feel they have become dependent on therapy that is limited to suppressing or masking certain symptoms or signs without really solving the underlying problem.

NMT has enabled me to be a better physician for my patients. It is the “Swiss Army Knife” healing method in my toolbox that has allowed me not only to improve the quality of my medical care with much less risk and expense to my patients, but also to help my patients with a wider variety of health concerns.

How NMT Corrections Are Performed

As I explained, NMT is a form of energetic medicine. As such, it does not require you to take anything by mouth, and it can benefit children and adults (and even animals or pets!) of all ages. Because it is a very safe, gentle, and painless, yet potent healing method, it is compatible with any treatment method. It does not require you to discontinue current therapy that your physician or others have recommended. What many patients find, however, is that as their bodies heal, their dependency on other therapies gradually lessens or even disappears.

NMT consists of well over 60 Clinical Pathways that focus on a particular window of body function. Examples are the Addictive Substance Neurochemistry Pathway, the Allergy Pathway, the Anti-Aging Pathway, the Consciousness, Self, Universe Pathway, the DNA Repair Pathway, the Hormone Pathway, the Immune System Integrity Pathway, the Infectious Agent Pathway, the Sensory Motor Pathway, the Tissue Repair and Remodel Pathway, and the Toxin Pathway.

Each NMT Clinical Pathway consists of 1) a series of specific questions that are used to find control system errors, and 2) corrective statements that direct the Autonomic Control System to more correct function. Following each question, I use muscle response testing to check for information faults and to retrieve other information. Then I deliver corrective statements, which are followed by a specific breathing pattern and gentle tapping of the spine or other energetically sensitive areas using the FDA approved ArthroStim instrument.

How NMT Can Help You

Because NMT: The Feinberg Technique seeks to correct the basic underlying informational and regulatory errors within the body’s internal control center, it often produces instantaneous and profound results in virtually all forms of illness that are provoked by such errors.

These illnesses include:

  • All allergies, ranging from those with mild symptoms to those that manifest with symptoms of severe anaphylaxis.
  • All autoimmune diseases.
  • Addictions.
  • Acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.
  • Chronic degenerative diseases, such as all forms of arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and other demyelinating diseases.
  • Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Emotional, psychological, and sensory/motor neurological disturbances.
  • Infectious disease processes.

We have found that many patients experienced a complete resolution of their symptoms and signs within a very short period of time (immediately, or within days, weeks, or months), becoming completely independent of any other therapy, while others enjoy a substantial improvement in their health status.

On average, patients have 4 to 12 NMT sessions with me. Some require less than 4, while others require more sessions. An important determinant of the number of sessions required is the degree of the informational confusion at the Autonomic Control System level, not necessarily the complexity and severity of the patient’s symptoms and signs.

I hope this information has been helpful. If your health concern is not listed here, please contact me for more information and I can explain if NMT alone or in combination with other treatment options could benefit you.

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