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This is a collection of testimonials and case histories from my medical practice. Names have been altered or initials have been used to preserve confidentiality. I am grateful to those who have offered their testimonials to support those who are searching for answers. For those who have been too shy or too busy to write their personal testimonials, I have summarized several case histories, which help to enlighten people about my practice. I also plan to add audio testimonials for those who prefer sharing their experiences in this manner.


Autism - Significant improvement after 6 weeks of NMT

December 2008

This is the history of a 10 year old boy with a diagnosis of autism who showed remarkable improvement over the course of six weeks of treatment with NeuroModulation Technique.

The boy was the second oldest of three children who lived with his mother and two other siblings.

He was healthy at birth and developed normally. He received all childhood immunizations and at age four the following changes manifested: drooling, tantrums, loss of the ability to repeat words, compromise of expressive and receptive communication abilities, and clumsiness and reduced coordination. There were problems with motor skills that especially affected his hands and he exhibited clumsiness when walking.

By age seven he developed obesity because of various psychotropic medications that physicians had prescribed. By the time the patient presented for NMT treatment all medications had been discontinued.

The patient's mother reported the following improvements since the start of NMT treatment.

About three to four weeks after the start of NMT treatment the mother had a meeting with one of her son's teachers. The teacher reported that about three weeks prior to the meeting she noticed that the boy had become more mature and that he answered questions in class properly. At that time the mother did not think that it was because of the NMT treatment, but later on she made the connection when she realized that the NMT treatment had started three to four weeks previously. The mother also stated that she had not told the teacher that her son was receiving NMT treatment. So the teacher shared her observations spontaneously.

The boy has continued to improve and to do very well in school. In the past couple of months all his spelling tests have been 100% even though they are more advanced and challenging now. He is also doing better in mathematics. He is still below grade level for his age but improving.

Overall, he makes more sense when he talks. Now he can watch a movie or read a book and talk about it clearly. Before the NMT treatment he did not make much sense when he tried to talk about a book or movie.

Before NMT treatment he was very scared of the dark but that is much better now.

Also, it used to be impossible for him to be at home without his mother because he would cry and yell, but now he is fine when his mother is not there.

When his father came to pick him up once a week for visits he used to refuse to go with him. However, since the NMT treatment he has been willing to go with his father.

His relationship with his younger sister has changed also. He used to prefer to be by himself and to not be bothered. Now he and his sister are spending more time together. They do fight from time to time, but now it is not because he wants to be left alone but instead it is because they are competing with each other.

When he first came to my office he played a lot with strips of plastic from plastic bags. He used to tie the strips together into a ball and play with it constantly. He exhibits this behavior much less now.

He used to laugh at inappropriate times and this has improved since NMT treatment.

His eating is more varied now. He is willing to try all kinds of food now.

Finally, the boy's psychologist recently discharged him from treatment because she felt that he had met all treatment goals.

Needless to say, the boy's mother was very pleased that the NMT treatment resulted in such an improvement in her son's autism.

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"I have lost 25 pounds ... I am no longer taking Vytorin"

December 9, 2008

Dear Dr. Bloem,

Just wanted to let you know that I visited with my physician today and he was very pleased. I had blood labwork done at Labcorp on Friday December 5th and while I don't have all the exact numbers memorized because my physician went over them quickly, he said that my liver function was excellent, my kidney function was excellent, my cholesterol is very low, and my blood sugar decreased. He was pleased with everything. I am no longer taking the Vytorin cholesterol medication. I have stopped as of last Friday. I have lost 25 lbs and according to his measurements, I have lost 3 inches from my waist. I did decide to explain to him that we were following Dr. Simeons protocol and he was supportive and interested. I gave him your website as a reference to go find out more information.

Thank you,


V. is a 42 year old male who was initially quite skeptical but who decided to started the Dr. Simeons HCG Protocol for weight reduction because of the success that his wife was having. They are both using oral HCG. This has been a life changing experience for this couple.

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"I have lost 12 pounds so far and I'm ecstatic!!"

October 20, 2008

Hi Dr. Bloem,

I hope all is well with you.

I have lost 12 pounds so far and I'm ecstatic!!

I really did not follow the protocol while out of town, it was too difficult to ensure the right foods while cooking for 20 people, but I've been back on track now and I feel great. I can't explain how I have my energy back and how wonderful it is to see such a difference! Thank you!

I will begin the other cream next month. I was out of town on October 3 when I was due to start and brought the wrong package with me. Oh well, one thing at a time and right now I could not be happier. Thanks again!


Sheri is a 39 year old woman who started the Dr. Simeons HCG Protocol on September 23, 2008. Although I always urge my patients to adhere to Dr. Simeons's dietary protocol very strictly. However, Sheri was able to achieve significance weight loss in a short amount of time even though she had to travel unexpectedly because of a personal emergency.

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"I have great energy, focus, sleeping better"

September 4, 2008

Hi Dr. Bloem,

My girlfriend, [xxx], will be calling you for an appointment within the next week or two. She is super busy and tired of having the symptoms I was experiencing before you put me on the Wiley Protocol.

I just finished my first cycle, am on the second day of my period. I have great energy, focus, sleeping better (some days all night, some I only get up once.)


Donna is a 54 year old woman who came to my office on July 22, 2008, with a chief complaint of serious sleep disturbances, hot flashes, and fatigue. Additionally, she had trouble focusing, mental fog, and memory problems. She was able to fall asleep fairly well but would consistently wake up after 3-4 hours. Sometimes she was able to fall back asleep, but often she was unable to do so. Sometimes she would wake up as many as 5 times each night. She had been having insomnia since her periods stopped in August 2007. Until she started the Wiley Protocol estradiol and progesterone she had been using Ambien CR and Tylenol PM. She did not like taking these medications because she recognized that she was only treating symptoms and not addressing the underlying problem.

I have many patients who had similar dramatic responses to the Wiley Protocol estradiol and progesterone hormones with many noticing improvements in their symptoms within weeks of starting treatment.

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"My "huge" arms are shrinking!!!!!!!!"

August 2008: Barbara is a 49 year old woman with a life long history of obesity. She also has a history of diabetes, insulin resistance, and hypothyroidism. Following are excerpts from e-mail communications.

I am doing well...Aug, 17 and 18 "loaded" and began VLCD/Injections Aug. 19th (I remember that I weighed myself the same day I saw you so I am going by that beginning weight of 269 lbs ...instead of your 272 lbs)

I currently weigh 255lbs....and am finding this rather easy to follow providing I have planned ahead for the meals.

Also, at my gyn appt. today my blood pressure was recorded at 106/74 BP...woohoooo!!!! (blood pressure in the office was 124/80 less than two weeks earlier)

Another thing is that my "huge" arms are shrinking!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the fat cure for me...hands down and I am putting the effort into it so that I will be at my perfect weight and body hopefully in about 2.5 yrs.....(due to the P3 time in between P2)....

May the universe bless You!!!


September 20, 2008 Update from Barbara.

Good Morning Dr. Bloem,

I just wanted you to know that I have lost 31lbs (238.0) as of this morning last injection day is the Oct. 3rd (I have been skipping one day a week ...recommended to help decrease any immunity issue that may occur). I am wearing the next size down already! I dont measure myself because my clothes tell me and so does my mirror!!!!

I will let you know my LIW (last injection weight) then....I will take off the recommended 6 weeks unfortunately it takes me into Thanksgiving I will start my second round of Phase 2 the Tuesday after the holiday... Also, I will email you that Sunday for my next round (unless you are going away for vacation for this holiday)....

Thank you so much!!!!! I am so grateful and feel so wonderful!!!!

Thank you again,


October 3, 2008 Update from Barbara

Hi Dr. Bloem,

I wanted you to know that I have lost a total of 38lbs!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
and feeling fabulous!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for everything!!!! I should start my next round of hCG the Monday after Thanksgiving.....cant wait to start again...hehe

Thank you,


October 4, 2008 Update from Barbara

Thank you Dr. Bloem!!

I will always be grateful for all of your help!!!!!

I know that I will be thin (after 3 more rounds of P2) and healthy for the rest of my life.

I am learning daily about my eating habits and the difference between being hungry and thirsty. Also, knowing that I can eat anything moderation (well...soon that is...)

My life has changed so much just by losing 38 lbs......the HCG shapes my body in addition to the weight loss.....its amazing and wonderful all at the same time!!!

Wish I'd known about this sooner but as they say..."all in good time". I am truly thankful for knowing about HCG now!!! You are the best Dr. Bloem....thank you!

Can't wait to start (P2) again....I'll email again about the HCG....probably the Saturday after Thanksgiving so that I may get started right after the holiday....



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"I lost 10 pounds and was on the diet for 27 days"

Dr. Bloem,

I just wanted to fill you in on how the Hcg diet went for me. As I had said before the hunger appeasing character of Hcg didn’t appear until day 10, and not long after that I started using the oral dosage. The oral dose worked better than the injections in that I could take it at night when I was getting hungry to kill the hunger somewhat. It was easy to hold in my mouth, and the water dilution worked just fine. I liked it much better than the injections. The original solution you made for me, which I left in my car for a couple of hours in the heat, worked just as well as the new solution.

I lost 10 pounds and was on the diet for 27 days, the last two days without Hcg. I was very pleased with the results. So far I haven’t gone back to my old gluttony patterns. I was afraid I would because I was pretty hungry on the diet, but I guess I don’t have much desire to change my diet eating patterns.

Thank you very much for all your help and for always being available.


Susan is a 61 year old patient who came to my office for weight reduction treatment using the Dr. Simeons HCG Protocol. She had feelings of hunger for the first nine days when she injected herself with HCG. Possible reasons of feelings of hunger include inadequate HCG dosing and non-compliance with the dietary protocol. However, here is an example of a patient who did better with oral protocol than with the intramuscular protocol and lost 10 lbs. when she switched. I believe that for some reason the HCG that was injected intramuscularly was not as bioavailable as the orally administered HCG.

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"I'm down to 139.0 lbs now, and I've lost 5.5" on my waist...!!!!"

"I AM SOOOOO HAPPY, AND HAVE DONE SOOOOO WELL ON THE HCG---Started with you at 172lbs.----I'm down to 139.0 lbs. now, and I've lost 5.5" on my waist...!!!!"

This is what one of my 60-year-old patients wrote to me this week. She first came to my office in April 2008 and first started on the Wiley Protocol for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Within months she also started on the Dr. Simeons HCG Protocol. This has been a life changing experience for her. As of July 2008 she is in Phase 3 of the HCG Protocol and still losing. This has given her her life back. She feels inspired to start a new life at 60. In her own words:

"I'm just singing and dancing with life at 60, and I'm looking forward to AT LEAST another 40, happy and healthy....!!!"

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NMT: The Treatment of Choice for Allergy Elimination

D.H. is a 53-year-old woman who presented with a chief complaint of chronic sinus congestion and nasal allergies. She was allergic to mold, grasses, pollen, feathers, cats, dogs, and horses. Prior to seeing me she had received allergy shots (allergen immunotherapy) and she had been prescribed Zyrtec (cetirizine, an antihistamine) and Nasacort AQ (a steroid nasal spray). She also rinsed her sinuses daily with salt water. She had surgery for maxillary sinuses in 1998. Acupuncture treatment helped a little, but the relief did not last.

I treated the patient’s allergies and chronic sinus infection with NeuroModulation Technique. After only one treatment session the patient’s symptoms improved significantly and she was able to stop the Zyrtec.

After the second treatment session the patient was able to stop the Nasacort too. Her nose was just mildly congested. Being an accomplished singer, she also noticed that her vocal cords were recovering and that she was getting her voice back.

During the next few treatment sessions the patient’s symptoms continued to improve and, while singing, she was able to reach the higher notes again. The patient discontinued treatment after a total of four treatment sessions and remained symptom free without any prescription medications or nonprescription remedies.

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There is Hope, Even If You Weigh 687 lbs.

B.M. is a 54-year-old disabled nurse who was referred to me for morbid obesity. She was skinny until age 7, when she started to gain weight even though her eating habits did not change. As an adult she continued to gain weight and her weight ranged from 350 to 400 lbs. In 1994 she suffered a knee injury which caused her to be disabled. It was then that her weight continued to increase until it reached 762 lbs in 2002. She had tried numerous diets but never was able to lose weight permanently.

When I first saw the patient, she weighed 687 lbs. She spends most of her time in a bariatric bed with a built-in scale. Her abdomen has become so pendulous that she cannot stand up straight any longer. As her weight increased, she developed many of the health concerns that may afflict people who are obese: osteoarthritis, peripheral vascular disease, gastroesophageal reflux disease, sleep apnea, depression, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

During the medical evaluation, it became evident that the cause of her weight gain was an extremely sluggish metabolism. Laboratory evaluation confirmed my clinical impression that her thyroid hormone balance was suboptimal. Treatment with thyroid hormone and continued restriction of carbohydrate consumption have resulted in progressive weight loss and the patient has lost 47 lbs. over a period of about 4 months.

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Nutritional Supplements for Mental Illness

M.T. is a 33-year-old male who presented to me almost two years ago with a diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder. He had been treated by a psychiatrist who prescribed Remeron (mirtazapine, an antidepressant) and Geodon (ziprasidone, a drug used to treat schizophrenia). However, he was just not feeling well, and seriously considered going into day treatment for his mental health problems. The patient’s psychiatrist had even suggested electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), a treatment method that is used rarely. Typically it is reserved for severe depression that is resistant to all other treatment methods. In addition to depression, the patient had intrusive thoughts, low energy levels, and a poor appetite.

My wife (Dr. Alice W. Lee-Bloem, a holistic child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist) and I started him on a targeted nutritional supplementation program that provided mental support, enabled him to gradually reduce the dosage of the psychiatric drugs, and to eventually stop taking them.

The patient has been doing very well on this nutritional supplementation treatment plan. He has also lost weight and his blood pressure has improved.

He now has a positive outlook on life and his social life has improved.

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The Role of NMT in Weight Management

L.M. is a 49-year-old woman who presented with a chief complaint of obesity and sciatica. She had tried dietary treatments, appetite suppressants, and regularly exercised, but she never was able to keep the weight off if she was able to lose any at all.

When she first came to me she was on an 800 Calories per day diet and she exercised 45 minutes every day. Her initial weight was 195 lbs. After my evaluation I concluded that she had signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism.

I treated the patient with thyroid hormone and nutritional supplements. After losing about 25 lbs. the patient’s weight loss came to a halt.

After I had treated the patient with NeuroModulation Technique to improve the tissue sensitivity to thyroid hormone, her weight loss continued again and she has now lost a total of 30 lbs.

In the meantime, the patient’s sciatica and blood pressure have improved as well.

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Taking the Sting Out of Mosquito Bites with NMT

"When I first heard about NMT [Neuromodulation Technique], I was extremely skeptical. I couldn't see how the treatment could work on varied complaints, ranging from asthma to allergies. However, when I stepped outside for five minutes and came back with over nine itching, raised mosquito bites that would normally last a week or more and often scarred, I was desperate enough to try it.

After a series of questions to determine treatment, with the use of an ArthoStim instrument, Dr. Bloem said that there would be significant improvement in my mosquito bites in two hours, and that there would be complete resolution in ten hours. On mosquito bites that stayed for weeks! Yeah right. I needed plenty of anti-itch cream, that was what!

However, a little over three hours later, I noticed that the bites on the underside of my knees and legs weren't itching. I looked to see if they had indeed receded, but was amazed to find they were completely gone! No itching, no scabs, no scars at all. I thought it was too good to be true, but NMT made it possible!" S.B.

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The Role of Hormonal Treatment in "Fibromyalgia"

D.B. is a 53-year-old woman who presented with a chief complaint of fibromyalgia, depression, obesity, diabetes, and chronic insomnia. She was on multiple medications, including Neurontin, Ultram, Effexor, insulin, Trazodone, and Klonopin.

She was unable to work because of these health complaints, and although the medications helped some, she was just not feeling well.

I diagnosed multiple hormone deficiencies and disorders, including those affecting thyroid hormone, DHEA, growth hormone, pregnenolone, and testosterone balance.

A treatment regimen, including supplemental hormones, nutritional supplements, and NeuroModulation Technique quickly improved many of the patient’s symptoms. Not only did she feel better, she was also able to stop some of the prescription medications, and reduce the dosage of some of the others.

She is losing weight and has more energy. Her mood is better and her pain is much less.

As a result she is now living a much more productive life.

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From autistic to being an award winning student

C.F. was four years old when he presented in July 2003 with a diagnosis of autism. He was normal at birth and continued to develop normally until he received childhood immunizations just before his second birthday. That is when the patient’s verbal skills regressed dramatically and his behavior became increasingly hyperactive and socially unacceptable. Prior to coming to see my wife (Dr. Alice W. Lee-Bloem, a holistic child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist) and I, the patient had seen many other healthcare professionals, including a speech pathologist, a childhood development specialist, a child psychiatrist, a child psychologist, and an alternative medicine specialist.

We treated the patient with a combination of nutritional supplements and energy medicine, including NeuroModulation Technique and Emotional Freedom Technique.

Initially, the little boy did not understand when people spoke to him. He would simply echo and repeat words that other people used. He would exhibit socially unacceptable behavior (e.g., sticking his fingers in his nose and randomly poking his mother in the eye). Over the course of just one year, the patient’s verbal skills gradually improved. Both his abilities to understand and to express himself improved.

Another concern was that this boy was unable to control his bladder and bowels. This problem also responded well to energetic medicine treatment and he became fully toilet trained.

After one year the patient discontinued NMT treatment.

Several years after stopping NMT his reading skills were two years above grade level and his math skills were one year above grade level.

Spring 2008 Update - Five years later

C.F. is now 9 years old and was recently honored at a statewide awards ceremony for gifted children held by The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY). C.F. was invited to this awards ceremony sponsored by CTY based on an exceptional performance on a rigorous, above grade level test given to second through eight grade Talent Search participants. Seventh and eighth graders took the SAT or ACT-the same tests used for college admissions. Second through sixth graders took the SCAT, an above-level test scaled for younger students.

The results of these tests give families a better idea of a child's academic talents, particularly in comparison to the thousands of other academically talented students in the Talent Search. Students can also earn recognition at CTY's awards ceremonies, and their test scores may qualify them for CTY's summer programs and distance education courses.

In 2006-07 alone, over 73,000 students from 19 states and the District of Columbia participated in the Talent Searches offered through CTY. About 30% of the 2nd and 6th graders who tested this winter earned an invitation to CTY's Awards Ceremony, and about 25% of the 7th and 8th grade testers earned an invitation to an Awards Ceremony.

C.F., who attends XX Elementary School, joined other award recipients at the recent state ceremony, and was individually honored by Johns Hopkins for his academic performance and promise.

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Patient testimonials represent the personal experiences and responses to treatment of specific individuals. They do not imply promises of guaranteed success. Successful response to treatment requires regular patient follow up and commitment to the plan of treatment that Dr. Bloem recommends. Nonetheless, because everybody is different the response to treatment may be highly variable as well. Some patients respond very quickly in a very positive way whereas others may not respond at all.

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