BHRT Success: My husband has been amazed and grateful to have his wife back

This 59 year old woman presented to my office about one year ago complaining of hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, feeling mentally dull and irritable, trouble concentrating and focusing, memory problems, cold intolerance, depression, weakness, joint stiffness, muscle aches, low libido, and weight gain.

Her success story is one of many of women and men who are able to regain their youthful vitality after restoring their hormones to youthful levels using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

The Wiley Protocol is a cutting-edge method that not only restores the hormone levels to optimal, but also does so rhythmically following the patterns that we normally see in healthy young women. Postmenopausal women who no longer have periods will follow the moon phase calendar as they as they apply accurately measured amounts of hormones to the skin each cycle.

Here is the patient’s testimonial:

“Next to meeting my husband and starting a family 32 years ago, Dr. Bloem is the best thing to ever happen to me! During and after menopause 10 long years ago, I suffered terribly from night sweats and mood swings. I was a miserable and unhappy woman and I did not understand why. I took anti-depressants and they did not do much. I felt irritable and crabby almost every day. I had trouble sleeping and getting along with my cherished family. After I heard about bio-identical hormones, I found a female doctor in Frederick who wanted to surgically place hormone pellets under my skin after I signed a one year contract agreeing to pay her $300 a month for one year on an automated payment system in order to ensure that I would stick with the program. Right away, my antenna went up to the strong possibility of future problems but I paid the money up front as required. Then, I could not get her to return my phone calls! I was hormonally enraged and disgusted! Not a pretty sight. I immediately withdrew as a patient of this doctor (minus my deposit) and then I went back online to search for Dr. Bloem, whom I had earlier dismissed as out of my price range. After the unfortunate experience with the “boutique" doctor, I realized that Dr. Bloem was actually quite reasonably priced AND he was willing to make payment plans. No payments in advance required. Then the best part of my story happened. I met Dr. Bloem and after a thorough check up, arranged to try the Wiley Protocol. I swear, the next day, I felt like a new and improved woman! I do not know if it was a placebo effect or what- but I was positively euphoric, just ask my family! I think that feeling almost immediately better after feeling so tired and thyroid deficient for so long, just made me feel truly on top of the world. I had energy again and I had my sense of humor back. My daughter even asked me, “Mom, is this what you used to be like, when you were young??? Unfortunately, after a month or two of the Wiley Protocol, I learned that the high dosages were a bit much for my system and I was afraid to reveal my secret to the good Dr. Bloem for fear of being taken off the hormones altogether. Finally, I did manage to suck it up and confess my concerns to the doctor and I was so relieved to find that we could adjust and fine tune all the hormones! Now, with the personalized amounts of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone that work for my body, l am back to my old self. I enjoy life, enjoy my family and I have energy and good health. My thyroid problems have disappeared and my mood is consistently positive and pretty darn joyful. My adult daughters think I am a really relaxed and humorous and my husband and I are no longer fighting. I have remembered why I married him and our love is stronger than ever. My husband has been amazed and grateful to have his wife back. When I think how I suffered for 10 years with postmenopausal symptoms, I feel bad for all of the wasted time, but more than that, I am so full of gratitude to Dr. Bloem for restoring me to my former self. This is nothing but the TRUTH in my unsolicited testimonial of Dr. Bloem's value in reinvigorating and giving women back the quality of life that every woman deserves in order to have loving and fulfilling relationships. Sometimes I think of my poor grandmothers. If only they had Dr. Bloem in their lives! We are very fortunate to have opportunities for prolonging our health and happiness in ways that they never could. I literally give heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Bloem every day of my life, and that is the God's honest truth. There are no words to express the blessings of Dr. Bloem offers. It is a priceless gift.”

Kathy H., Mount Airy, Maryland Tweet