It is a shame that most physicians do not take the time to perform a detailed pre-vaccination neurological examination and a post-vaccination neurological examination and simply assume that the benefits of vaccinations outweigh their risks. Countless children’s lives are being jeopardized if physicians don’t simply do what they are trained to do.

In many offices physicians see at least 4 to 6 patients per hour and they don’t take the time to do a thorough review of the patient’s medical, neurological, developmental, and behavioral history, and they don’t perform and document a detailed physical examination. It is assumed that vaccinations are safe and therefore no follow up evaluations are performed at weekly or monthly intervals, as appropriate, depending on the patient’s response.

Another contributing factor is the lack of continuity of care because patients are often seen by different physicians when they come to the office.

Many of the signs and symptoms that patients may develop after vaccinations are often nonspecific and it is difficult to pinpoint a cause unless detailed medical records are available. Because of that the exact causes of health concerns such as asthma, eczema, behavioral abnormalities, speech delays, and learning difficulties often remain unknown.

Doctors often spend little time with their patients when they come in for a consultation. Generally, vaccinations are given by nurses who are not trained to recognize those health conditions that may put patients at risk for adverse vaccine reactions. Any adverse reactions that patients do develop such as severe pain at the injection site and systemic symptoms such as fever are often considered normal. Doctors don’t generally recognize that these are indications that the body is being injured by the vaccines.

Finally, a disincentive is that doctors may not get reimbursed by insurance companies for taking the time to do really good assessments of their patients before and after vaccinations.

Over the years NeuroModulation Technique (NMT), a cutting edge method of energy medicine, has become an important part of my practice. This 56 year old patient had previously started bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and nutritional therapies in my office. After having had a series of sessions of NeuroEmotional Technique (NET) with a different practitioner, she decided to start NeuroModulation Technique. Her chief complaints were severe anxiety and depression, chronic fatigue, and trauma related to parental neglect, sexual molestation, and abusive experiences at school. Here are excerpts from an e-mail that she wrote to me after two NMT sessions in which we used the Affective States Pathway. This is one of the newest NMT protocols which has been shown to help patients with both emotional and physical complaints.

“Yes, I’m feeling much better. The NMT is a lasting thing and I need to come back for additional treatments. […]

Thank you so much for your continued help!! You really pulled me out of a very bad spot through NMT. I don’t think I will ever be able to thank you enough! It’s like I fell into a deep black hole and God used you to pull me out of it (I have a ways to go, but wow, what a difference).”

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