NMT Success Story: Miraculous Recovery From Narcolepsy

September 30th, 2009 | Posted by Fred Bloem, MD in NeuroModulation Technique

Here is a wonderful testimonial from Vicky Radel who is an NMT Practitioner who uses the NMT Treeview system. NMT Treeview is a software program that I also use in my office. It makes the delivery of NMT a lot easier and much more powerful.

From: Vicky Radel

Dear NMT practitioners,

A note of encouragement. Below is a testimonial written by the mother of a patient of mine. The first treatment (in May) was focused on narcolepsy as well as dyslexia, light sensitivity and anxiety. I use Treeview. OHI had to do with PATSI, pathways were PEP, and SMP focused on narcolepsy. He received an MP3 of the treatment . I have struggled with my confidence in using SMP (mother of all pathways as it is sometimes called) So I was actually quite surprised by the amazing results from this visit.
I feel another factor was the young mans attitude. He said to me “I knew my mother would find something to heal this” and he did not engage in the thought of it being incurable.
Since then we have done an additional 4 treatments always using OHI adjustments as well as the following pathways; ISIP(2),CSP(2),SSRP,NRRARP,ASNP(2), ASTP,TP,AP(2),CSUP,TTP,and TRP I am currently treating him by phone monthly . He is adjusting well to college and reports doing “great”.
the following is a letter from his mother.

Vicky Radel

NMT cured our son’s narcolepsy

NMT caused a miraculous recovery from narcolepsy for our 18-year-old son four months ago, amazingly after only one treatment. Here is our story: Our son, whom I’ll call Dan, then 18, was often “too sleepy to drive” and was beginning to fall asleep in class and when he sat in an easy chair to read. He had a difficult time waking up in the morning (an understatement) and seemed tired much of the time. We chalked all this up to typical teenage sleep habits until an EEG at an academic testing center was abnormal and a sleep study was recommended.
In November 2008, when Dan was 18, he had a comprehensive sleep study that included an overnight sleep center stay and four naps the following day. The neurologist said the “definitive” diagnosis was narcolepsy, which is “incurable” and Dan would need to take medication to stay awake during the day. He said medication to cause deep sleep is sometimes required, he hesitates to give that drug to teens. Dan had abnormal sleep cycles during the night and had fallen into REM sleep immediately during the naps at the lab, which clinched the diagnosis.
On the way home from the neurologist, I told Dan not to believe anything the doctor said about “having this the rest of your life” because we would find something that cured or helped narcolepsy in alternative medicine or somewhere. As a result of my response, Dan did not even look narcolepsy up on the internet, which I thought was a little strange for a very bright, inquisitive teen.
Dan began taking the drug Provigil, which helped with the daytime sleepiness and did not seem to have side effects, but he still did not get quality sleep at night and waking up took great effort. Meanwhile I searched the internet for days and and found a rather odd YouTube video by a young man who claimed that NMT plus a gluten-free diet cured his narcolepsy. When I looked up NMT and then searched for a practitioner in the Minneapolis, Minn., area, I found Vicky Radel, who also had training in Bioset (which had cured some of my allergies) and Spring Forest Qigong (which I practice). I decided to be the guinea pig and took one treatment a month from Vicky for three or four months with good results before having my son to take his first treatment in mid-May 2009.
Four days after the first treatment, Dan announced that he felt good when he got out of bed and did not think he needed to take his Provigil. I suggested he take a half dose a day to make sure he made it through final exams that next week. He has not taken any medication in the four months since, sleeps well and feels better than he has in many months. He is now 19, has been a college student at a rigorous private college for a month and has no sleep issues. He continues to take an NMT treatment each month and believes NMT is helping him no longer crave sweets or feel addicted to computer-related activities. And he believes his narcolepsy is gone forever.
Only recently did Dan look at the YouTube video that caused me to try NMT. He wondered why such an odd video even caused me to check out NMT. But I was leaving no stone unturned to find a cure.  My husband, son and I expected NMT to help but we were shocked that Dan seemed to be cured after only one treatment. We’d like to say thanks to the NMT founder, researchers, Vicky and the young man who put his story on YouTube. (Note: Stanford University discovered this past year that narcolepsy is an autoimmune illness, which does not surprise us.)

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