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NMT Success: Rapid Resolution of Severe Headache

Yesterday afternoon I treated a patient who had been complaining of a severe headache with NeuroModulation Technique (NMT). Today she sent me the following testimonial:

“I’m a 59 year old woman, and I had a severe headache that had lasted for 5 days.  I was in my 6th day of pain.  The pain was behind my eyes and around to the back of my head but I did not have other symptoms of a sinus headache.  At one point, after laying back with a sinus pack on my head, my vision became blurry for over 5 minutes.  Very scary.  Dr. Bloem did a remote NMT treatment.  Within 2 hours I was able to go to sleep and awoke in the morning without a headache.  It is now evening and the headache reappeared for about 10 minutes at one point but has not recurred since.  Thank you Dr. Bloem.”

This patient was treated with the NMT Attunement Energetics Pathway, one of many NMT pathways that can help patients with a wide range of physical, psychological, and emotional complaints. If a patient’s chief complaint is a severe headache, most physicians would recommend a pain killer such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen, a narcotic analgesic, or a migraine medication. They may also recommend an antibiotic if they suspect that the patient may have a sinus infection. The downsides of prescribing such pharmaceuticals are that they may cause side effects and that there is the potential for developing tolerance and dependency.

I am grateful that with NeuroModulation Technique I have a safer method of helping my patients find relief from a wide variety of health problems. While I recognize that in some cases of severe headache urgent surgical or pharmaceutical therapy may be appropriate, I submit that in the majority of cases NMT is an appropriate first line of treatment when patients present with a headache.

Please go to this page or to NMT.MD to learn more about NMT.

NMT Success: Flu, Headache, and Abdominal Pain

Here are two testimonials from a patient who received remote NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) treatment from me on two separate occasions. NMT is a cutting-edge method of energy healing which can be done in the office or remotely for patients who live far away or who for other reasons are unable to come to the office.  NMT is a very powerful healing method and patients often experience rapid improvements in their health status.

“I am a 58 year old female with multiple medical problems.  I became ill with the flu this last flu season.  I had a horrible headache and generally just felt really sick.  Dr. Bloem did an NMT treatment, remotely with me on the phone.  It was very relaxing and when the treatment was over, my headache had eased considerable and I went on to sleep for a couple of hours.  My flu bout seemed to be shorter than anyone else in the household.”

“While I was on a strict diet, my abdomen became very bloated.  I was unable to expel any gas at all and I had a sharp pain in the left upper part of my abdomen.  Dr. Bloem did an NMT treatment remotely, over the phone.  Within 2 hours of the treatment, things started to move, I was able to expel gas and soon had a movement which relieved the pain almost entirely.  The pain in my abdomen continued to decrease to a soreness then went away altogether within 2 days.”

Please check out my website to learn more about NMT.

NMT Success: Significant Relief of Headache

This morning a patient presented with an acute onset of a splitting headache, vomiting and diarrhea, muscle aches, restlessness and shakiness. The patient asked for a NeuroModulation Technique session. By the time she contacted me the vomiting had already stopped.

I performed the session using the advanced NMT Treeview software which greatly facilitates the delivery of the NMT pathways.

After I had performed the Consciousness Self Universe Pathway for the patient she reported that the headache which initially had an intensity of 8 on a scale of 10 had subsided to 5 on a scale of 10. Throughout the 30-minute NMT session she felt very relaxed.

The patient slept throughout the remainder of the day and when she woke up in the afternoon the headache had subsided even more and she was much more comfortable. The muscle were much better too. She felt ready to go back to work the next day.

Please go to the NMT website to learn more about NMT or to find a qualified practitioner.

Now Anyone Can Learn NeuroModulation Technique

My ongoing quest to provide safer and better quality of care to my patients led me to NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) in June 2003 when I attended my first seminar in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since then I have become a diligent student of this amazing energetic healing method and have attended many seminars and symposiums to stay current. Much has changed since 2002 when NMT was first taught by Dr. Leslie Feinberg. Initially, training was only open to licensed health professionals but now it is open to anyone. Until now staying current required air travel, hotel stays, and time away from the office. Some people traveled from Europe, Australia, South America, and Asia to learn NMT in the United States.

With the introduction of the DVD training series that is no longer necessary and anyone in the world can now learn NMT at home.

If you are unfamiliar with NMT I recommend the following:

  • Review the NMT videos, radio interviews, testimonials, peer reviewed paper, and other information on the NMT website.
  • Experience NMT by attending a seminar or seeking treatment from a qualified NMT practitioner.

If you are a healthcare professional you will add a very powerful tool to your practice if you will study and master NMT. If you are a layperson, NMT will enable you to become more self sufficient with regard to meeting your family’s health needs.

From the NeuroModulation Technique Webboard – January 12, 2010:

From: Leslie Feinberg

Dear NMT’ers,

Well, we set out this fall to produce the full NMT training series in DVD format and to produce a fully edited and correct set of manuals for all of the levels of training.  What a job this has been!  Each hour of DVD is many hours of post production work.  Updating all forms and manuals and making sure that recent changes in NMT protocol are fully reflected in all of the pathways is a daunting task.  Finally, it is all done!

All of the manuals are at the printer’s shop and we will be shipping them this Thursday and Friday.  This is Level 1, 2, 3, NMT Rapid, and the 2009 Symposium manuals.  All of the forms have been redesigned, some of which I have already posted.  There will be a single file for each seminar level with all of the forms in that one file for you to download and keep in your computer.  This should be a lot more convenient for you.

We began taking pre-orders for DVD training series in November, not knowing how long it would take for Ben to complete post-production and manufacture the DVDs.  I didn’t know either how long it would take me to get all the manuals done with my very heavy work load and other recent demands and diversions of energy.  Consequently, Level 2, 3, and the Symposium DVDs shipped without the new manuals.  The new manuals will ship this week and next.  Level 1 DVDs will ship with the Level 1 and NMT Rapid manual next Monday.

This has been a big job, but I’m very happy at the point we have arrived at, which is that anyone anywhere in the world can learn NMT in their home or office with first class training materials.  We are already taking orders from such folks who have wanted to study NMT but were unable to come to the US for training.  This should result in continued growth of NMT around the world.

Thanks to all of you for your patience.  If you have placed an order and received your DVDs but not your manuals, your manuals will ship the end of this week and beginning of next.  So, allow until the end of next week before you worry that your manuals didn’t go out.

If you have any question about your order, please email support@nmt.md  and let us know your concern and we will let you know when your order shipped and make sure you are taken care of.

If you have not yet done so, be sure to get updated to the new Level 1, 2, and 3 materials and the terrific new material presented in the 2009 NMT Symposium  including the fantastic NMT Affective States Pathway.  These new materials absolutely will take your NMT results to a whole new level.  If you haven’t been to a seminar in a few years, you owe it to yourself and your patients to get the new materials.  NMT has never been more powerful or easier to learn and practice.  You’ll love the new NMT!

Remember, we have generous discounts for multi-level seminar DVD program orders.

Warm regards,

Leslie S. Feinberg, D.C.

Successful NMT Correction for Patient with Severe Anaphylactic Reaction to Peanuts in One Shot

This post can help prospective patients understand how effective NeuroModulation Technique can be in helping eliminate symptoms of allergy and anaphylaxis. However, because NMT is not a disease or symptom specific technique it can be equally helpful for many other complaints. This is what my patients are experiencing in my practice.

This post can also open the minds of other healthcare professionals or others who are already familiar with or who have an interest in energy healing. NeuroModulation Technique is a powerful energy healing method which can be learned by almost everyone. Please check the seminar schedule at www.nmt.md.

From the NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) Web Board (December 20, 2009, 12:10 PM):

From: Leslie Feinberg

Dear NMT’ers,

The recent seminar in Haarlem, the Netherlands was a great one.  We had a really wonderful group of students, many new and most of our practicing European NMT practitioners were in attendance.  This was a Level 1 seminar taught in the new style that I have been working in this past year.  Previous to the new way of teaching NMT, we have emphasized how much we do for the patient; how many pathways are treated.  Looking at posts many of us have made in the past, it is apparent that we have often tried to rush through as many pathways as possible, feeling that this was important to making a thorough and lasting correction.  You will note from my posts this year that I have changed my emphasis and this is all due to the realization that we are not micromanagers of the patient’s physiology, but that we are informational alchemists.  Our work is to induce transformation at a quantum mechanical level.  No matter the condition, my view is that our NMT process is that we bring to awareness the informational attunement by which the patient’s consciousness pulls forth from the zero point field, the universal informational field, the undivided field of consciousness and manifests into experiential reality those characteristics of the “transformed from” state that are unacceptable so that the attention and belief that cause these conditions to persist can be released.  The process of correction is completed by hypothesizing the characteristics of a new state, a “transformed to” state of the system that is informationally rich enough to clearly define the healed and perfected state of the system; so that by holding awareness, intention, and belief of this new state that it may be pulled from the nebulous “in potential” condition of possibility into the experienced state of manifested reality.  That is always now my thought about what it is I am doing in an NMT session.

I want to share with you the story of a patient that I treated at the Haarlem seminar that reinforces my belief that this way of looking at our NMT process is a powerful one and critical to achieving quick and thorough results.  One of the new practitioners attending the Haarlem seminar is an osteopath from the Netherlands.  He brought to the seminar an old friend who has had all his life the most severe anaphylaxis that I have even encountered.  This fellow was so immediately and severely anaphylactic to peanuts that he always carried with him Benadryl and an epi-pen.  Many anaphylactic patients can stop a reaction with Benadryl and some need to use an epi-pen, but this fellow needed both immediately after exposure to peanuts – and that just to survive the trip to the hospital so that he could get emergency supportive care.  The patient, Frans, was also severely allergic to dogs, cats, bird feathers, and horses such that he could not tolerate being in his osteopath friend’s home for more than five minutes because there were animals in the home.  Frans had both the Benadryl and epi-pen with him and agreed to use them if needed.  The hospital was 500 meters away from the hotel.  Frans’ wife sat nervously in the back of the seminar room, probably wondering why her dear husband would be involved in such madness as this NMT stuff.  All were ready to respond if Frans had a reaction.

At the Haarlem seminar I treated Frans with one pathway, the Allergy Pathway.  By the time I finished the pathway, I exposed Frans to a teaspoon of peanut butter that he said, prior to the treatment, “would have killed me”.  He had some slight tingling and burning that immediately resolved as I treated IFs [information faults] related to the exposure.  There was no further treatment until this week, about six weeks after that first treatment.  I did a remote session for Frans.  He was at the home of the osteopath and he said he had been there for three and one half hours enjoying dinner and visiting.  He said he had absolutely no reaction to this environment that he could previously not tolerate longer than five minutes.  We did a test exposure to the peanut butter having him first smell it (previously produce a reaction just to smell), then rub it on his lips, then put some in his mouth.  No reaction at all.  In the first session I had not been aware of the egg allergy and it was not considered in the treatment.  An egg was now prepared and I had Frans rub some on his lips.  Within a minute he had burning, tingling, and swelling of his lips.  I ran the Allergy Pathway again and within five minutes all the symptoms were gone.

Here are some things that I think were critical in creating this successful response using just one NMT pathway:

[If you are an NMT practitioner, please log into the NMT Web Board to read Dr. Feinberg’s detailed explanation which is too technical for those who have not attended NMT seminars.]

You know, I have spoken to some of the old timer NMT practitioners in recent years who have wondered out loud why they have to use so many pathways or new pathways to get good results.  They speculate that NMT has changed and that the basic pathways they used years ago somehow don’t work as well as they used to work.  That doesn’t make much sense, of course, but some of them do observe a change in their results.  What I know is that it is they who have changed.  It is common for people to become dulled by familiarity over time to something they used to find exciting.  It is important to reconnect to what is real and reaffirm one’s beliefs and understanding. Without this, practitioners won’t be able to extract the value of each NMT pathway – unless it is something new and captures their interest.  Remember that all of our pathways are about the same thing, manifesting a transformation within a field of consciousness.   The language of the pathways is of great importance in illuminating that transformation, but the transformation is always powered by the same things: the awareness, attention, belief, and intention of the practitioner.  When familiarity lulls the practitioner into an apathetic mental posture the magic goes away – because, you are the magic and when you forget that and externalize the process of transformation into something else, you will always be looking for a new pathway or maybe even a new technique to learn, when the answer was within you all along.

Leslie S. Feinberg, D.C.

NMT Success: Affective States Pathway for Depression and History of Abuse

Over the years NeuroModulation Technique (NMT), a cutting edge method of energy medicine, has become an important part of my practice. This 56 year old patient had previously started bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and nutritional therapies in my office. After having had a series of sessions of NeuroEmotional Technique (NET) with a different practitioner, she decided to start NeuroModulation Technique. Her chief complaints were severe anxiety and depression, chronic fatigue, and trauma related to parental neglect, sexual molestation, and abusive experiences at school. Here are excerpts from an e-mail that she wrote to me after two NMT sessions in which we used the Affective States Pathway. This is one of the newest NMT protocols which has been shown to help patients with both emotional and physical complaints.

“Yes, I’m feeling much better. The NMT is a lasting thing and I need to come back for additional treatments. […]

Thank you so much for your continued help!! You really pulled me out of a very bad spot through NMT. I don’t think I will ever be able to thank you enough! It’s like I fell into a deep black hole and God used you to pull me out of it (I have a ways to go, but wow, what a difference).”

Please view the related posts my website or go to Dr. Leslie Feinberg’s NMT website to learn more about NMT or to find a qualified practitioner.

NMT Success: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Responding to Affective States Pathway

The success stories keep pouring in. I use the NMT Affective States Pathway a lot for my patients as well. Many psychological and physical symptoms are rooted in emotional/affective states that are “stuck” and can be easily resolved with NeuroModulation Technique.

From the NeuroModulation Technique Webboard (November 17, 2009):

I have a 6 year old patient who has been diagnosed OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). She was self-deprecating, saying she hated herself, always slept with her parents due to fear of being alone in the dark and hated school. After 3 ASP (Affective States Pathway) sessions she is now sleeping by herself with the lights off, happily going to school and enjoying life.

I am having a blast with the ASP!

Matt Goltl, DC

NMT Success: Blindness of Temporal Arteritis and Affective States Pathway

Yet another impressive NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) Affective States Pathway case history from Dr. Leslie Feinberg, the founder and developer of NMT. I attest to the effectiveness of NMT in general and the Affective States Pathway specifically as I have also seen significant improvements in my patients since I introduced it in my office a few weeks ago.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dear NMT’ers,

I just finished working with an 80 year old woman with temporal arteritis of several years duration. This autoimmune inflammation of the temporal artery in the head typically produces severe pain and often blindness from compromise of the optic nerve. This woman has been blind for 4 years. The onset was rapid with this disease, and she has had severe head pain continuously since onset. After 3 NMT sessions focusing on ASP (Affective States Pathway), she was free of head pain. She thought at moments that the vague sense of approaching a wall and seeing a surface in the most general way was a little brighter. Today she said she saw her hands last night in her lap as she spoke with her daughter. Today after her 5th ASP session, she was asked to look at her hands in her lap. She said she could see the outline of the fingers clearly and was able to see her fingers move as I asked her to move the hand. She has not had any vision besides the very general sense of approaching a wall since a few weeks after onset of the disease. Needless to say, she is pretty thrilled. I’m a little thrilled myself.

Leslie S. Feinberg, D.C.

NMT: New Symposium Pathways Yield Amazing Results

The NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) Affective States Pathway is one of the pathways that was taught at the latest NMT Symposium in October 2009. I started using it in my practice as soon as I returned to treating patients in the office. I have had patients with severe anxiety, depression, pain, and other physical complaints who experienced rapid relief of symptoms.

In this post Dr. Leslie Feinberg, the founder of NMT and another NMT practitioner share their experiences with applying the NMT Affective States Pathway in their practices.

October 25, 2009

From: Leslie Feinberg

Yes, this new work in NMT is amazing.  The Affective States Pathway is so powerful.  This morning I had a new remote patient from Florida, a woman in her 40’s with severe TMJ syndrome since age 10 and little help with many dentists and other therapists over years of work and many thousands of dollars of treatment.  She goes through a $500 custom dental splint every 6 months.  She had severe head/temporal pain she has felt every day since childhood- a good day is when she doesn’t have to take meds for pain and that would be just a 4/10 pain, but usually much worse.  She can only open her mouth 2 finger widths and the jaw pops.

We did a 30 minute session. We did the clearing for each area and the conceptual piece and she noted various childhood memories and emotions come up.  By the time we finished all pain and tension were gone in the head, jaw, and neck.  She was able to open the jaw full (3 finger widths) for the first time in memory. She felt all her anxiety and tension were gone.  We will be continuing to work on stabilizing the TMJ problems and also address her Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.  These kind of results have been almost universal from the beginning with this Affective States Pathway and have only improved over the couple of months I have been using it.  This work could be a whole energetic medicine technique in itself – and it may be – watch for important developments coming soon!

There are some good reasons to study all of this new work.  I have had some wonderful, really incredible responses with the new Oneness Transformation Pathway and have also been using the new Attunement Energetics and Genomic Longevity and Regeneration Pathway to good effect.  We really had a load of powerful new NMT pathways presented at the 2009 Symposium.

NMT Rocks – Big time!

Best Regards,

Leslie S. Feinberg, D.C.
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Subject: Affective States Pathway

Hi all:

I prefer to talk better that write, but here I go, after all of this E-mails about how we can expand NMT, I want to focus on the miracles that occur when you work with NMT.

My sister had a traumatic experience one month a go when she was driving at night alone on one freeway and she saw something in the middle of the road, when she passed, she saw a death woman naked, bleeding who was dropped in the middle of the way (for sure by some really bad guys) and she had PTSD since then, among some other things that have been going on in her life causing her almost a facial paralysis and numbness in her right eye. Yesterday she came in to my office. I ran the Affective States Pathway and the first emotions she detected were: fear, terror, panic, anguish, sadness (for the poor woman), etc. after the first thumping and correction of IFs (Information Faults) we went back to the image of the scene and when I asked her: “What are your emotions now?”. She just told me:  “I’m just driving my car and that situation is behind me, but I can’t feel anything. There is no connection between me and that poor woman anymore. (after just one correction of IFs) The numbness in her right eye was gone.”

I really think that this is the kind of stuff we should have to focus our energy with regard to NMT. Thank you very mucho Dr. F and Diana for this wonderful pathway. NMT ROCKS!!! :-)



Can NMT Help My Son With Autism?

Here is a message from a mother who has a son with a diagnosis of autism and a response by Dr. Bob Weiner who directed the NeuroModulation Technique autism study. These messages were posted on the NMT Message Board today. I was one of participating NMT practitioners and have seen significant improvements in the children that I have treated.

From: NMT_patients: Ashlee E.
Sent: Sunday, October 11, 2009 11:29 PM
Subject: Autism and tx

My name is Ashlee E. I am new to here. I recently found out about this web site and treatment through a friend. I have a 4 year old autistic son. I heard that these treatments have been helping other children with autism. I was curious if anyone could help explain it to me or possibly tell me where I could find a place to perform the treatment for my son. He wasn’t born this way. He was born “normal”. By one year of age he was speaking in one to two word sentences “mama baba” “mama up” “seepy (sleepy)”. Then shortly after he turned one he received he next round of vaccinations and soon quit talking. He wouldn’t make eye contact, he would sit in a corner and watch a toy wheel turn over and over. He would stare at light and had extremely bad tantrums. Through a gluten-free and casein (dairy)-free diet along with metal detox, and speech and social skill therapy he is getting better. Needless to say his younger brother has not and will not receive any vaccinations as long as I can help it. I am interested in this program and treatment. If anyone could enlighten me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for you time and I look forward to anyone who may respond.
Thank you
Ashlee E.

From: “Bob Weiner” <living-solutions@flash.net>

Dear Ashlee,

NMT is a very effective treatment to reduce symptoms of autism.  I recently directed an international study at 9 research sites in the United States and Mexico with 18 children between the ages of 5 and 10.  Each child received 12 sessions of NMT over 6 weeks.  Statistically significant improvement in all test data was seen by the end of the third week, with improvement continuing through the end of the study.  Results of this study were presented at the Autism One Conference in Chicago on May 24, 2009.  The results are currently being written up for publication in a peer reviewed journal.

Parents whose children were in the study noticed substantial improvement in their children’s behavior, language, speech and communication, and a significant reduction in repetitive behavior and hyperactivity, among many other changes and improvements.

If you visit nmt.md and look for patient testimonials for autism, or click the following link you will read some of the experiences of parents whose children were in the study (not every child in this section participated in the study):

NMT is non-invasive; addresses both physical and mental/emotional issues; is a self-contained treatment.  No wires, electrodes, external devices, etc. are required to  administer NMT.  No supplements, food avoidance or special diets, take home therapies, etc. are needed; is compatible with all other forms of treatment; has minimal to no side effects; is easily administered to anyone of any age; cooperation of the patient is not required or needed; conscious participation by the patient is not required or needed, treatment can be done remotely – the patient need not be physically present; and the treatment priority is determined by the patient’s need, not by a pre-set treatment plan  or protocol.

You can locate a NMT practitioner at: http://nmt.md/PractitionerSearch.cfm

If you do not live close to a practitioner, the sessions can be done remotely through the use of a surrogate.  Essentially, the NMT Autism Study treatment was all done remotely (though the child was always present in the office) in the sense that a surrogate was used for all treatments.

Feel free to contact me if you would like more information about the study or how NMT has been successfully used with children with autism.

Dr. Bob Weiner
Clinical Psychologist
Dallas, Texas

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