Now Anyone Can Learn NeuroModulation Technique

My ongoing quest to provide safer and better quality of care to my patients led me to NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) in June 2003 when I attended my first seminar in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since then I have become a diligent student of this amazing energetic healing method and have attended many seminars and symposiums to stay current. Much has changed since 2002 when NMT was first taught by Dr. Leslie Feinberg. Initially, training was only open to licensed health professionals but now it is open to anyone. Until now staying current required air travel, hotel stays, and time away from the office. Some people traveled from Europe, Australia, South America, and Asia to learn NMT in the United States.

With the introduction of the DVD training series that is no longer necessary and anyone in the world can now learn NMT at home.

If you are unfamiliar with NMT I recommend the following:

  • Review the NMT videos, radio interviews, testimonials, peer reviewed paper, and other information on the NMT website.
  • Experience NMT by attending a seminar or seeking treatment from a qualified NMT practitioner.

If you are a healthcare professional you will add a very powerful tool to your practice if you will study and master NMT. If you are a layperson, NMT will enable you to become more self sufficient with regard to meeting your family’s health needs.

From the NeuroModulation Technique Webboard – January 12, 2010:

From: Leslie Feinberg

Dear NMT’ers,

Well, we set out this fall to produce the full NMT training series in DVD format and to produce a fully edited and correct set of manuals for all of the levels of training.  What a job this has been!  Each hour of DVD is many hours of post production work.  Updating all forms and manuals and making sure that recent changes in NMT protocol are fully reflected in all of the pathways is a daunting task.  Finally, it is all done!

All of the manuals are at the printer’s shop and we will be shipping them this Thursday and Friday.  This is Level 1, 2, 3, NMT Rapid, and the 2009 Symposium manuals.  All of the forms have been redesigned, some of which I have already posted.  There will be a single file for each seminar level with all of the forms in that one file for you to download and keep in your computer.  This should be a lot more convenient for you.

We began taking pre-orders for DVD training series in November, not knowing how long it would take for Ben to complete post-production and manufacture the DVDs.  I didn’t know either how long it would take me to get all the manuals done with my very heavy work load and other recent demands and diversions of energy.  Consequently, Level 2, 3, and the Symposium DVDs shipped without the new manuals.  The new manuals will ship this week and next.  Level 1 DVDs will ship with the Level 1 and NMT Rapid manual next Monday.

This has been a big job, but I’m very happy at the point we have arrived at, which is that anyone anywhere in the world can learn NMT in their home or office with first class training materials.  We are already taking orders from such folks who have wanted to study NMT but were unable to come to the US for training.  This should result in continued growth of NMT around the world.

Thanks to all of you for your patience.  If you have placed an order and received your DVDs but not your manuals, your manuals will ship the end of this week and beginning of next.  So, allow until the end of next week before you worry that your manuals didn’t go out.

If you have any question about your order, please email  and let us know your concern and we will let you know when your order shipped and make sure you are taken care of.

If you have not yet done so, be sure to get updated to the new Level 1, 2, and 3 materials and the terrific new material presented in the 2009 NMT Symposium  including the fantastic NMT Affective States Pathway.  These new materials absolutely will take your NMT results to a whole new level.  If you haven’t been to a seminar in a few years, you owe it to yourself and your patients to get the new materials.  NMT has never been more powerful or easier to learn and practice.  You’ll love the new NMT!

Remember, we have generous discounts for multi-level seminar DVD program orders.

Warm regards,

Leslie S. Feinberg, D.C.


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