HCG Diet Triple Success and Iodoral Success

A couple of weeks ago three women traveled together to my office from the Eastern Shore of Maryland for treatment of obesity with the Dr. Simeons HCG Protocol.

Yesterday I spoke with one of them and she excitedly told me that she, her mother, and her mother’s friend had all lost 12 pounds.

They had all been using oral HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) and were very happy with the weight reduction that they had achieved.

The patient did complain of having a metal taste in her mouth. I explained that this is a known side effect of the potassium iodide/iodine supplement that I had given to her and that reducing the dose would eliminate it. However, she was reluctant to do this because the supplement made her feel so good. She took the first dose as soon as she left my office and within 30 minutes she started to feel better.

Iodine is an essential element that the body needs to make thyroid hormone. Iodine combines with tyrosine to make thyroxine also known as T4 which contains four iodine molecules. T4 can be converted into triiodothyronine (T3) which is a more active form of thyroid hormone.

Unfortunately, the Standard American Diet contains very little iodine. Iodized salt contains insufficient amounts of iodine and many of the people who need it most are on a low salt diet. Sea salt usually does not contain any iodine.

Fortunately, iodine supplementation is affordable. There is a way to check for iodine deficiency by checking the urine. I found that all the patients that I tested were iodine deficient.

I know recommend iodine for everyone, especially if they have symptoms of hypothyroidism such as fatigue, cold intolerance, constipation, and dry skin.

Iodine is available by prescription in the form of Lugol’s solution or you may purchase it online here.


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